Research & Development: Our Commitment to Innovation (part 2)

Posted On: May 2, 2019

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Although Basic American Foods is an 85-year-old company, internally it can feel very much like a startup. “We’re small, we’re scrappy. We’re trying to do big audacious things by attacking it through innovation. It’s challenging, but it’s fun. It’s been an amazing flood of great people to work with,” Nick Banuelos, Sr. Brand Development Manager, acknowledged.

Banuelos believes it’s the palpable appreciation from leadership that makes this such an amazing place to work.

“The family members and leadership team value the people that work for them. There’s a genuineness here that is apparent and makes one feel appreciated in our roles.”

The buy-in and trust from leadership provides employees with the freedom and confidence to take risks to do amazing work. Jack Patrick, Food Technologist, believes it’s that kind of environment that allows him to succeed at his job. “Our leadership – they do provide trust. I don’t feel micromanaged; we have freedom to make decisions. I work with a good team that I’m able to bounce ideas off of and consult with. We’re a small group, but pretty tight knit,” he shared.

Tori O’Neal, Food Technologist, also agreed that it’s the people around her and the autonomy she has in her role when asked what allows her to succeed at BAF.

“Number one is definitely people. It extends beyond the R&D team to all of the cross-functional partners you interact with. It’s a ‘walk over and talk face-to-face or pick up the phone and call’ culture. And people are willing to go the extra mile because you do have that face-to-face relationship. Number two is the freedom and autonomy you have to go about getting the answers, as you feel necessary, and adapt to each project’s differing needs.”

One of the most noticeable aspects of the R&D team is their humble attitude. None of the employees behind the Idaho Spuds VeggieMash project try to take all the glory for this successful product. “It was really a team effort. It’s nice to work on a team where you really truly respect everybody. You brag about everyone else, but no one really brags about themselves. It is a cool team to work with and then everyone is really happy when the team succeeds. That’s what we’re all here for,” O’Neal said.

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