Giving Back to the Community!

Posted On: October 7, 2019

While gathering in Idaho Falls for a team meeting, members of our HR department spent time volunteering at the Idaho Falls Area Humanitarian Center. The Humanitarian Center relies on volunteers for all of its operations, which includes making over 70 different types of items, such as quilts, blankets, hygiene kits, newborn kits, educational folder games, sleeping mats, toys, and clothes. These handmade items are distributed throughout the community to organizations that help those in need, including schools, hospitals, non-profits, hospice organizations, and churches. The Humanitarian Center also values its ability to give people an opportunity to serve and feel like they are contributing to their community.

The HR team spent the majority of its time packing hygiene kits, tying quilts, putting together educational folder games, painting toys, and braiding jump ropes. It was a moving and heart-warming experience to hear of all that Humanitarian Center produces for the local community. We were so pleased to contribute our time to such a valuable cause!

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