Congratulations to Martin Lopez and Chuck Jensen, Our 2019 Q3 Values Hero Recipients!

Posted On: November 15, 2019

We’re proud to announce that Martin Lopez and Chuck Jensen are the 2019 Q3 BAF Values Hero Winners! Martin, who recently assumed the position of technical services analyst on the QRO team, received an astounding ten nominations from his coworkers in the third quarter, recognizing him for exemplifying our Make Things Better, Keep It Going, Let Your Inner Hero Shine, and Find A Way values. Chuck, our strategic planning and forecasting manager in supply chain, received high praise in his two nominations, as well, being recognized for displaying both the Find A Way and Keep It Going values.

Martin played a critical role in the ERP project, developing creating solutions, then working hard to test them to ensure they delivered the intended results for the quality team. He stepped in during ERP go-live week in Moses Lake to address issues with inventory and worked hard to ensure that we were able to manufacture products for key customers successfully. Martin was also widely recognized by his coworkers for his positive attitude, patience, willingness to always step in to help others, and initiative to go the extra mile to find and implement solutions.

Chuck was instrumental in Q3 in helping BAF ensure product inventory for customers. Chuck displayed superior leadership skills by actively engaging with cross-functional team members to identify and solve any issues, establishing clear accountabilities, and focusing on results. Chuck quickly prioritized all the tasks needing to be accomplished and ensured that a plan for communication was in place to give all stakeholders the information they needed in a timely manner. His commitment to this project has been invaluable!

Thank you, Martin and Chuck, for being BAF Values Heroes!

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