Congratulations to Chuck Jensen, our 2019 Values Cup winner!

Posted On: March 20, 2020

Congratulations to Chuck Jensen, our 2019 Values Cup winner!

Chuck Jensen, our strategic planning and forecasting manager in supply chain, was our third quarter winner in 2019, receiving two nominations and being recognized for displaying both the Find A Way and Keep It Going values. However, throughout all of 2019, he earned 12 nominations from 12 coworkers from all areas of the company!

In Q3, Chuck was instrumental in successfully completing projects to address customer needs. Chuck displayed superior leadership skills by actively engaging with cross-functional team members to identify and solve any problems, establishing clear accountabilities, and focusing on results. Chuck was able to quickly prioritize all of the tasks that needed to be accomplished and ensured that a plan for prompt communication was in place to give all stakeholders the information they needed. One nominator shared that he “could have nominated Chuck for nearly all of our values given the leadership he is displaying.”

Throughout the other quarters of 2019, Chuck was praised for his dedication to communication and our It Takes A Team value, evident by his willingness to help people throughout the company, even when the work was outside his regular job duties. His positive attitude and dedication to Make Things Better was recognized when he helped to oversee scheduling and inventory management through complicated circumstances. A co-worker also nominated Chuck for his ability to Find A Way to take action and succeed in a variety of situations! “Chuck consistently strives to meet the needs of the Company…while considering the needs of the business owners and our customers. His calm demeanor and can-do spirit make it a win-win for all! It is a pleasure to work with him.”

Thank you, Chuck, for being a BAF Values Hero and for truly representing what it means to Live Our Values! Congratulations and our many thanks for all of your contributions!

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