Posted On: June 2, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Carl Burton, our maintenance manager in Moses Lake, has been selected as our Q1 2021 Values Hero winner! Carl was nominated six times in Q1 and was recognized for exemplifying our Find A Way, It Takes A Team, and Let Your Inner Hero Shine values.

Carl displayed our Find A Way value when he found an innovative solution for an equipment repair that allowed the team to bring the piece of equipment back into operation quickly. His coworkers also nominated him for the Find A Way and Let Your Inner Hero Shine values twice. Carl patiently and methodically worked with the maintenance team to identify the root cause of some issues with equipment and completed repairs to address the problems. His follow-through on each project was greatly appreciated and ensured that frustrating issues were successfully resolved.

Carl was recognized for both the Find A Way and It Takes A Team values when there was a recent spike in natural gas prices. Carl quickly determined the costs and timing involved of potentially making a move to electric heat on some lines in Moses Lake, and once the decision was made to move ahead, he had the change in place the very next day.

Carl’s impressive leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills were mentioned often throughout his nominations. Thank you, Carl, for being a BAF Values Hero and truly representing what it means to Live Our Values. Congratulations and many thanks for all your contributions!

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