Posted On: March 3, 2021

We are delighted to share that Bob Etters, business development manager, was selected as our 2020 Values Cup winner! Bob received 10 Values Hero nominations in 2020, was our Q2 Values Hero recipient, and exemplified Living Our Values, leadership, innovation, and teamwork during an incredibly challenging year.

Bob quickly and successfully helped navigate BAF through many obstacles in the face of an ever-changing business and foodservice environment this last quarter. Bob stepped up to lead and contribute to numerous work streams, such as creating sample packs for Feeding America, securing additional volume for state-level government feeding programs, and solving distribution issues. Bob’s coworkers often call on him to help with innovative ideas to drive business through alternate channels and support on insights and selling strategies. Through all of Bob’s hard work, he has illustrated the Let Your Inner Hero Shine, Make Things Better, and Find A Way values.

Bob’s leadership was recognized across the organization. He helped the company Keep It Going by partnering with the finance team and BAF’s distributor partners to ensure we received prompt payment for our sales. Bob’s ability to be organized, proactive, and highly responsive are much appreciated. While collaborating with the marketing team on a customer project, Bob exemplified our It Takes A Team value. He demonstrated persistence to see the project through completion and was timely in his communication with the team to answer questions and follow-up with the customer.

Thank you, Bob, for being a BAF Values Hero and your leadership, can-do attitude, and many contributions. Congratulations on your Values Cup win!

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