A Passion for Food

Posted On: March 27, 2018

Great food is at the heart of everything we do. At BAF we share a passion for food that is evident in our delicious portfolio and in our everyday lives.  Whether we are conducting formal food cuttings or gathering informally to cook lunch together, food is always front and center.

Our R&D Team found a way to incorporate culinary skills training into a development opportunity.  With varying levels of culinary skills – from professional to basic – the team gathers together quarterly for a series of culinary classes offered by the Research Chefs. The classes inspire, challenge and foster teamwork through creating and enjoying good food.  Each class is focused on a fundamental technique, whether learning to debone a chicken or to make mayonnaise or corn tortillas from scratch.  After mastering the technique, the team breaks up into groups for hands-on recipe work.

Although this team actively works with food each day, the classes afford them an opportunity to think about food creatively, rather than just functionally, fostering their passion to create more foods our customers love to make and love to eat.

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