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Cheddar Potato Waffle

Rich and buttery potato-cheese waffle, topped with fried chicken tenders and maple hot sauce drizzle.

Yield: 40 waffles
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Cheddar Potato Waffle


1  pch Brilliant BeginningsĀ® Potatoes, prepared
4  qt Baking mix, dry
10 2/3  cup Buttermilk
1  cup Vegetable oil
8  each Eggs
2  qt Sharp cheddar cheese, shredded


  1. Prepare potato base according to directions. Cool to room temperature. Heat waffle iron, grease with pan spray.
  2. Stir remaining ingredients into cooled potato base until well blended. Pour 5-oz spoodle onto center of hot iron, close lid. Bake about 5 min., or until steaming stops. Carefully remove waffle, hold warm.
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