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Stuffed Hashbrowns

Shredded potatoes stuffed with bacon and cheddar cheese and topped with scallions and sour cream, or any of your favorite fillings.

Prep- 10 min. Cook- 10 min. Yield: 31, individual servings
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Stuffed Hashbrowns


1  carton Golden Grill® Redi-Shred® Hashbrowns, prepared
8  cups Cheddar cheese, shredded
4  cups Sour cream
1  lb Bacon, cooked and chopped
2  cups Green onion, sliced thin (about 2 bunches)


  1. Refresh Golden Grill® Redi-Shred® Hashbrowns according to package directions (overnight refresh not recommended)
  2. Place 1 cup Golden Grill® Hashbrowns on a 375°F well-oiled grill and form into a patty, pressing down lightly with the back of a spatula. Cook until browned, about 4 min.
  3. Flip hashbrowns on grill and top with ¼ cup cheddar cheese and 1 tablespoon bacon. Cook additional 3 min., until cheese is melted. Fold hashbrowns in half. Transfer to serving plate and top with 1 tablespoon each sour cream and green onions.
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