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Brilliant Beginnings® Potatoes

Brilliant Beginnings® Potatoes

Scratch quality potato base. View Brochure

Product Name SKU Pack Size DescriptionDesc.
Brilliant Beginnings® Potatoes 10630 6/26 OZ Scratch quality potato base, performs like a fresh, riced potato. No BHA/BHT, artificial colors or flavors.
Potato Pearls® Mashed Potatoes

Potato Pearls® Mashed Potatoes

No Additional Ingredients Required. Just Add Water. View Brochure

Fully Flavored

Potato Pearls® EXCEL® Original Butter Recipe Mashed Potatoes 76468 12/28 OZ Extra butter flavor.
10056 1/40 LB
Potato Pearls® EXCEL® Creamy Butter Mashed Potatoes with skins 10040 12/27.16 OZ Butter flavor with skins.
Potato Pearls® EXCEL® Redskin Mashed Potatoes 10349 8/32.5 OZ Varietal potatoes.
Potato Pearls® EXCEL® Gold Mashed Potatoes 10379 8/31.9 OZ
Potato Pearls® EXCEL® Sweet Potato Mashed 10425 10/20.17 OZ
Potato Pearls® Nature's Own Mashed Potatoes 10169 10/29.28 OZ Rich dairy and potato flavor.
Potato Pearls® Country Style Mashed Potatoes 81056 12/30.7 OZ Natural lumps and black pepper.
Potato Pearls® Golden Extra Rich Mashed Potatoes 53498 12/29.6 OZ Extra smooth 1 min. prep with hand mix. Full carton performs well in mixer.
14110 6/3.7 LB
70659 1/50 LB

Low Sodium

Potato Pearls® Smart Servings™ Mashed Potatoes with Vitamin C 10426 12/26.5 OZ Creamy texture. 102mg sodium per half-cup serving. Perfect for K-12 and Healthcare.
10513 1/40 LB
Potato Pearls® Extra Rich Mashed Potatoes 81837 6/3.55 LB Extra smooth, 1 min. prep with hand mix. Full carton packaging performs well in a mixer. 25mg sodium per half-cup serving. Use in K-12 and Healthcare.
Basic American Food

WHIPP® Value Mashed

Value mashed. Economical Solution for High-Volume Preparation in a Mixer.

WHIPP® Mashed Potato Granules Complete Recipe with Vitamin C 10215 6/5.31 LB Complete granule. 20mg sodium per half-cup serving. Great for Healthcare.
WHIPP® Mashed Potato Granules with Vitamin C 10217 6/5.75 LB Granule. 13mg sodium per half-cup serving. Great for Healthcare.
WHIPP® Automash® Complete Seasoned Potato Mix 10050 10/48 OZ Seasoned granule.
Instant Mashed Potato Flakes 91977 6/5 LB 100% USA grown potatoes. 15mg sodium per half-cup serving.