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Gary Park

Vice President, Human Resources

Gary Park is the Vice President of Human Resources for Basic American Foods. He joined BAF in 1992 as the Human Resources Representative for raw material in the Moses Lake, Washington facility. During his tenure with the company, he has held various positions within human resources. 

Prior to joining Basic American Foods, Gary was employed with Nestlé as a Human Resources Trainer. He received his BS in education and his MEd from Hyles-Anderson College. 

Gary’s focus at BAF has been on leadership and talent managementfrom acquisition through performance reviews and career development. The recruitment and selection process has changed from top to bottom since he became Vice President of Human Resources. BAF has had a number of new hires cite the thoroughness of the company’s hiring process.

One of Gary’s most important contributions to BAF is the development of a more strategic alignment for HR to the business. He’s made steps towards utilizing enterprise-wide best practices through innovation and continuous improvement. He focuses on the people side of the business and believes that the right people in the right places with the right leadership make the business grow. He is known for managing others to high levels of performance and has a critical eye for identifying top talent. Gary is focused on ensuring that BAF hire people who best match the needs of the organization, and he is also passionate about the importance of good leadershipensuring that the organization knows what leadership looks like and that it hires great leaders. Its very important to him to see people who have been brought into the organization grow and flourish.

On a more personal level, Gary is very passionate about his family and enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. On weekends, you can often find him staying busy with do-it-yourself, home-based projects. He enjoys the Bay Area food culture and likes to travel and sample the different types of food the area offers. Gary volunteers with his wife at the food pantry at their local church, where they lead a singles class for people in their 40s and 50s, coordinating weekly dinners or service-based projects that focus on social connections.