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Todd Peretti

Vice President, Operations and Technology

Todd Peretti is the Vice President of Operations, Technology and Logistics of Basic American Foods. He joined BAF in 1989 as a superintendent in the Moses Lake facility. During his tenure with the company, he has held various positions in maintenance, operations, research and development, and most recently, as Vice President of Technology. 

Prior to joining Basic American Foods, Todd Peretti was with USI Lighting and Idaho Power. He holds a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Idaho and an MBA from Gonzaga University.

One of Todd’s most valuable contributions to BAF has been his standardization of processes between the plants. In the past, all of the plants implemented their own processes, which was very inefficient. Employees could not leverage lessons learned from one plant to another or use common training processes between plants.

One example of a process that has been standardized is the SAFE process. Formerly, each plant had its own safety program. Supply Chain management agreed to implement one standardized safety process. An employee came up with the name of the process – SAFE (Safety Awareness For Everyone). The SAFE process is behavioral-based, designed to get all employees involved in safety. This is accomplished by conducting SAFE observations between two employeesan observer and an employee conducting his or her job. BAF completed over 17,000 SAFE observations last year and had the best safety record in the history of the company. SAFE helps ensure that BAF employees remain injury-free.

Todd is known for his ability to develop a team and work with that team and others to accomplish goals that, at one time, were thought to be impossible. He is passionate about developing individuals to be great leaders, and about working with the team and leaving a legacy at BAF where others and the company are successful for many years to come. He takes pride in seeing employees that he has had an opportunity to help become successful and meet their career goals.

When he is not working, Todd enjoys spending time with his family and attending his kids’ sports events. In the summer he likes to water ski on Lake Coeur d’Alene with his family and friends, and in the winter they like to snow ski. He also volunteers at the Snake River Montessori School and is fascinated by the teaching method developed by Maria Montessori. He believes that children who go through that process are taught how to be lifelong learners, which will have a positive impact on their lives.