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Gulbin Hoeberechts

Vice President, Innovation

Gulbin Hoeberechts joined Basic American Foods in late 2011 as Vice President of Innovation to lead the team already in place and to position Basic American Foods to grow and meet its business objectives through innovation.

Prior to joining Basic American Foods, she worked with Nestlé Enterprises for 10 years and held different positions in innovation and base business management with increasing levels of responsibility. Her last position at Nestlé was as head of the Häagen-Dazs business in the U.S. market. Prior to that, Gulbin held local and international marketing positions at Unilever and Johnson & Johnson. She received her BA in management from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, and her MBA from Wake Forest University, with a concentration in general management and marketing.

Gulbin’s important contributions to BAF include the establishment of a new innovation process and bringing the Innovation and R&D teams together. She implemented common processes, which led to the fast, efficient and successful development and launch of new products with cross-functional involvement.

She met the team during the interview process and discovered that, from a business and cultural/personality perspective, the team’s principals intersected with her values. She appreciates the value the company places on innovation and creativity.

Gulbin has a reputation as a cross-functional leader, strategic thinker, visionary and collaborator. She values her ability to make an impact, not so much within a company, but for the end user – an impact on people’s lives, whether in their business or personal life. She enjoys finding solutions that are new and creative.

On a personal note, she loves kids, is inspired by their honesty and innovation, and gets ideas from them. She is also passionate about food – quality food that is nutritious and wholesome. When she is not working, Gulbin enjoys spending time at home with family and friends.  She also loves shopping, strolling, cafes and culture. She does volunteer work for causes having to do with cancer and causes that help children. She is also interested in protecting varieties of food that are starting to disappear by preserving original seeds.